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MovIT-ML Services

Web and Mobile Systems Using SMART DATA

There are many companies that offer software development, but very few of them can create data for predictive analytics.

Most companies that offer software services are focused on the present, making us blind to the future, without a generational perspective. Systems are now moving to real time, when users make their decisions.

Imagine a website where you can sell your products online, and at the moment someone navigates through it, you can offer product recommendations related to your consumer’s purchase history.

In a mobile application, you could know the habits and preferences of each user, as well as where they spend their time on your application, this would allow you to offer notifications that would give them a pleasant experience when using it, among other analyses.

We develop web systems covering your operational needs and achieving a personalized communication with users, since we focus on creating data that will be used in algorithms to help make better decisions for the benefit of the company.

We create smart mobile applications, enabled to make real-time predictions, achieving a personalized user experience, focusing on increasing sales, strengthening brand image, acquiring more followers, or simply for the user to make better decisions at the right time when it is required.