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There are many types of consumers on the market, with very different characteristics and needs, who are looking for a specific type of product or service.

For this, companies need to have the ability to segment customers by any attribute, characteristic, behavior or even event of the day, to achieve commercial objectives and business success.

Let's make a business case for a specific city that is serving 10,000 clients, and define the following data to make a segmentation of customers:

Imagine you have a platform with the possibility of generating 'n' groups to define customer segmentation in a quick, direct and simple way.

And to create a promotion, you want to generate 3 Target Groups, then, when running the tool you could get:

Number of Customers


Group 1 - 4,500

Group 2 - 3,500

Group 3 - 2,000

Each resulting group is homogeneous to execute a specific promotion. This would ensure a better customer experience and greater impact on sales.

Let's see what it would be like to be a Statement of earnings of a promotion with and without customer segmentation:

Now let's take those same 10,000 clients, and make another segmentation of customers to enable and advertise the promotion at each point of sale, let's suppose we have the following data:

In order to enable your promotions, you have 4 qualification packages at the point of sale, with specific costs for each one.

By running the platform, you get 4 groups:

Number of Customers


Group 1 - 3,000

Group 2 - 1,000

Group 3 - 2,000

Grupo 4 - 4,000

The integral benefit of the execution of a promotion in a city would be:

Enable Promotion at the Point of Sale

This is just the benefit of running a one promotion. Now imagine that you have the platform, to use it in all your promotions, in all your territories, available all the time, with an unlimited capacity of executions, for your analytical team, improve every day in their business decisions.

Moreover, imagine that your platform grows to improve many other decisions in your firm, with the possibility of integrating these decisions to your operational processes.

We help you from data generation, data modeling, execution on a predictive analytics platform and implementation of the solution in your daily operation.

We are convinced that those companies that begin the process of incorporating predictive solutions into their systems, will be the leaders of their industry in the immediate future, we help you to be one of them, through our service.