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About MovIT-ML

Movit ML is created to provide automatic learning to companies. Thats why we designed and built a service platform that makes it easy to discover the hidden predictive power of data within a "simple and practical" experience.

Currently, companies that are able to implement advanced analytics solutions will be the leaders in their respective markets. Our approach is to assist them in the process, in order to ensure tangible results in the short term, taking advantage of the profitability opportunities that exist in every company.

Who we are

We are a company dedicated to advanced analytical solutions, developing mathematical models and machine learning algorithms, with the ability to leverage the big data infrastructure to meet the specific business needs of our customers.

We believe that each company requires its own artificial intelligence platform to expand its analysis and decision making capabilities, we assist them on the road to achieving this.

What we do

Movit-ML is an adaptive, programmable and evolutionary machine learning platform that facilitates the task of solving and automating the actions of segmenting customers, analyzing products in the market, generating forecasts, applying linear and logistical regressions, planning predictive maintenance, discovering associations, making recommendations, identifying feelings in social networks, detecting customized elements, creating indexes and modelling data, among others.

Movit-ML transforms data into actionable models that are used as remote services or locally and/or embedded in applications to make predictions.