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Business Case

Product Packages

In today's consumer world, impulse purchases are made in 88% of cases in response to market offers.

And a very effective strategy is to offer product packages. The problem lies in determining the 'perfect' combination of items for a specific group of consumers. In addition to considering the strategy by product category or branch where it will be offered.

Let's make a business case where you have available sales tickets for your branches, consider the following data:

  • Branch_ID
  • Ticket_ID
  • Product_ID
  • Category
  • Sold_Units

And you have a business intelligence platform where you can analyze your tickets, with the following options:

Now, you can determine the amount of products to handle for a particular package, from 2, 3, 4 or more.

And based on your marketing strategies, you can decide whether you want it to apply to all branches or a specific branch office,

Filtering the product category to select, assigning the main product of the package

Obtaining as a result the products that best combination has to generate a package with the product, by example Heineken:

Products to generate the package:

  • Snickers
  • Tecate
  • Agua Ciel

Imagine that you can determine for each branch what its PACKAGE IDEAL, is in its calendar time, on a specific product to promote, this would help you to increase your sales by branch or category.

You could do better negotiations on 'cross promotion' with your suppliers and invite new suppliers to participate by offering them the best combination for their product.

You would have more satisfied and loyal consumers to each product/branch/company, and a better saturation of products in your branches.

The main challenge in 'cross-selling' is the effectiveness of combining attractive products for the customer, adapting to their changing habits, preferences and needs over time. To do this, you must have a business intelligence platform that allows you to analyze your customers' purchases at the moment, so that you can determine the best packages, also validating revenue and profitability issues.

We help you from the generation of the data, its model, execution in a platform of predictive analysis and implementation of the solution in your daily operation.

We are convinced that companies that start the process of incorporating predictive solutions into their systems, will be the leaders in their industry in the near future. Ask for our service to help you become one of them.