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MovIT-ML Services

Business Consulting in Data Modelings

The way of understanding, debugging, classifying and determining what data is required to make better decisions has changed completely, because it involves statistical analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms, to create predictive models that generate a numerical value or score, on the probability of a particular event occurring.

The use of these models on historical data allows us to forecast activity, behavior and future trends.

Some of the algorithms we use are:
  • Supervised
    • Naive Bayes
    • PRISM
    • Instant-based learning (K-NN)
    • Decision trees
    • Lineal Regression
    • Gradient Descent
    • Recommendation system
      • User-based
      • Content based

  • Unsupervised
    • K-Medias
  • Deep Learning
    • Neural networks
    • Voice recognition
    • Photo recognition
    • Audio to text
    • Simultaneous translation

Supervised – Decision Trees Learning (DTL)
Without AI
With AI
Not supervised – K-Means
Without AI
With AI

We analyze the information problems in companies, creating data structures that allow us to define algorithms to discover knowledge and improve their decision making, also preparing the data so that it can be processed in an environment on premise or cloud, with Big Data capacity.

For this purpose, we rely on expert consultants in different business areas, mainly in ERP systems, such as SAP and Oracle, in their different modules: FI, MM, PM, SD, CRM, BI, etc.