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MovIT-ML Services

Web and Mobile Systems Using SMART DATA

There are many companies that offer software development, but very few of them can create data for predictive analytics.

Most companies that offer software services are focused on the present, making us blind to the future, without a generational perspective. Systems are now moving to real time, when users make their decisions.

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Business Consulting in Data Modelings

The way to understand, refine, classify, determine and present what data is required to make better decisions has changed completely.

We analyze the information problems in companies, creating data structures that allow us to define algorithms to discover knowledge and improve their decision making, also preparing the data so that it can be processed in an environment on premise or cloud, with Big Data capacity.

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Machine Learning Platform

The use of predictive algorithms is now an essential part of taking effectiveness to a new level. Today we are doing analyses that an executive could not have done 10 years ago; the same will happen in the future.

We offer a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand platform that runs all the predictive algorithms created for the company, in all its operational, functional and strategic areas.

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Solutions Implementation in Daily Operation

All decisions should be implemented naturally in the company's operating internal systems, and each system should have its own information available for use at any time.

We offer extensive experience in implementation processes and technology, from input and output interfaces, to trainings and workflows with involved users, making system queries add value to the user.

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